End of Year Teacher's Gift

The school year is coming to an end and we decided to get a gift for Aiden's teacher. I read a couple of posts about what teachers ACTUALLY want to receive and the one that stood out most to me was school supplies. This is something that teachers more often than not go out of pocket to purchase year round for their students. And while this may not cover his needs for an entire year, it will help tremendously. In total, everything, costed around $40.00. read more

Excessive Dry Skin Treatment

Kyle, my youngest, was born the cutest, roundest, little 7lb baby boy ever! Only because Aiden was born 8lbs. :) He was tiny & pink and loved more than anything in that moment. After taking him home from the hospital and upon closer inspection we noticed that our perfect little bundle had small patches of dryness on his legs. read more

Perfect Party Host

Hey mommies, and single wives a like! With birthday parties, holiday events, and family bar-b-ques coming up I thought it would be great to give you guys a couple ideas to help you out with that. read more

Work Out Tips

Being a SAHM its easy to slip into the habit of eating poorly and your only form of exercise being house work. Now while you can get a good sweat in cleaning up after your family, your poor diet choices can and will catch up to you. And just as easy as it is to make bad choices, its just as easy to make good choices. read more

Organizing Tips

For everything in my life I need some type of schedule, or mock up, or to-do list. I find that I get things done faster and my family doesn't starve. I write everything down from menus for the week, to shopping lists, to cleaning and home school schedules. read more

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