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If you aren't friends with either Fred nor me then this will be your first time hearing it.

It happened on February 4th. He came home from work and was holding Kyle when he turned to me and said, "Hey, lets get married, right now. Lets just go down to the courthouse and do it". My response, "ok". 
So it wasn't the most romantic proposal in the world, and I didn't get my ring until 13 days after but we were both at a place where we knew we were going to be together forever and honestly we aren't the most traditional of couples out there. 

We met online in 2010 on twitter. Neither of us were looking for love and we had both just come out of long relationships. We started dating on February 18th 2011, (so I got my ring almost 4 years to the date!) and started living together in May of that same year. We had a short break up by October and got pregnant with Kyle when were supposed to be on a break. We got back together and recreated our home. 

I get more in detail in the videos below so to not be redundant, watch them. 

We are currently in the planning stages and I'll try to do a wedding series for you girls.
Being engaged feels pretty much the same lol but just knowing that we are one step closer to legally being united as one feels amazing. 

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