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Aiden's Kindergarten Award Ceremony

On Tuesday, March 31st, Aiden had his first award ceremony! He made me SO proud and brought home FIVE awards! Walking into the cafeteria, the students were beginning to march in. Looking out for Aiden, I spotted his teacher, said hi, saw his friends, smiled, but no Aiden. I walked over to Fred wondering if he had seen him, but still no Aiden. After a couple seconds, I looked up on the platform and there he was. In his navy blue H&M blazer, grey pants, grey tie and grey striped shirt from Children's Place, his Chuck Taylor's and a super hero cape alongside four other kids! To say I was surprised would be an understatement. Before the ceremony began, they recited a cute little number about why they were super.

The ceremony progressed and the awards were handed out, and every time I looked over at Aiden my heart grew ten times bigger. This was my baby, making me proud, my first born, my first TRUE love. The most surprising award that he received was the Principal's award for perfect attendance, since he missed one day of school for Our Wedding. But I guess since it was an excused absence it didn't really count.

As I mentioned in my previous post and also on Instagram a few weeks back, Aiden got invited to attend a STEM school that is near by. He continues to make me so proud and I now see all that discipline and hard work from home, paying off.


I wish we could've captured the emotion behind this hug :) 

Aiden and his teacher. He was sad because he didn't want us to leave. 

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