Lobster House Bar & Grill

By Kissyface454 - 10:48 PM

The first time I heard about this restaurant was from a girlfriend of mine who was trying to convince me come with her to their "Ladies Night". Me, being of sound mind and body, declined the free drinks, because, KIDS!
Anyway, a few weeks go by, its now the holidays and the KIDS are with the in-laws. Fred and I decide to go there and meet up with one of our close friends we haven't seen in about a year! She's been there before as well as the other people we met up with there. From what we heard, the food was amazing! Then again, they are big sea food people, where as we were more carnivorous. Regardless, we got dressed, googled the location and realized it was were Fred and I had our first date! But at that time, was obviously under different ownership and name. We read the reviews before hand just to get a vibe of the place and they were a bit mixed.

We got to the restaurant around 9pm and were seated promptly. The person who seated us recommended we sit at the round tables instead of a booth so that when the food came, it wouldn't be cluttered. I'm a sucker for family style seating so being at three round tables with six people was a bit awkward and made it difficult to hear each other in conversation without speaking at an elevated tone. Our waitress was very pleasant and was very knowledgeable about the menu. We ordered drinks first. I had a Mango-Tini Martini which was very yummy so I of course ordered a second. 

Like I said earlier, I'm a meat eater, I have to CRAVE seafood to even think about ordering it. We got the bang bang shrimp and the escovitch fries as appetizers. *no pics* but TRUST, the shrimp was AMAZING!! If you're a fan of spice or anything escovitched, then you'll enjoy the fries, for me it was a no. For my entree, I got the Fettuccini Lobster, much to my company's disapproval. "Never order Italian in a Jamaican restaurant" they all chimed. But in my head, how do you mess up pasta?!? Anyway, everyone places their order, everyone got either fish or lobster. About 20mins into drinks and convos two people's meal come out, but only the fish/lobster, no side. Another 10 mins go by and then they get their sides, followed shortly by my meal. As I dive into what seemed like the perfect Alfredo, it was cold, and had entirely too much bottled parmesan cheese on top. Now don't get me wrong, I do like parm on my pasta, but I would've preferred if my server came to me, asked if i wanted it, and then proceeded to add FRESH parmesan cheese until i said "when". As I continue eating, I notice that my fettuccini wasn't ALL fettuccini. Look closely at the picture that I took. What seems off to you? 

Did you say elbows? Yes! ELBOWS were in my FETTUCCINI! While it may not seem like a major issue, If I'm going to pay $30+ for pasta, it should be exactly what I asked for. We made the waitress aware of what was in my plate and she, as well as the chef, was baffled by it claiming he bought it like that. To make up for it, they comped my meal, my second Mango-Tini Martini, as well as gave the table an additional round of drinks on the house. Awesome! 

Now let's talk about the Restaurant itself, shall we? As I mentioned earlier, this is where Fred and I had our first date. They have two entrances, in the front, and on the side. The side entrance takes you to the back bar, more of a club like setting. When you first walk up to the front entrance, all you smell is raw seafood. Mirrors are everywhere, which is perfect for photo opps. 

It's all white, with blue neon like lighting, and beautiful photographs of lobsters on the walls. To get to the restroom you have to go through sliding doors which look as if they are falling off the hinges, and walk through the "club". While beautifully renovated, there were still a few patches here and there. There was water dripping from the ceiling by the bathrooms as well as water droplets on the floor of the club, either from the ceiling, from the servers, or from drinking patrons. 

With customers drinking all night, the restrooms have heavy traffic flowing in and out, resulting in one of the worst odors I've ever experienced. *SN: I live with three boys* It wasn't busy to the point where there couldn't have been someone monitoring the cleanliness of the restroom every hour, just to ensure that everything was tip top. 

I'd love to revisit in a couple years, after a few more improvements are made, but as is, this isn't somewhere I'd recommend for an evening of wining and dining. 

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