Meet My Family

About Me 
I am a self proclaimed stepford wife. (Virgo)
I am a beauty and lifestyle blogger. 
Freelance MUA and Extensionist.
I own an online boutique. 

About Fred
Fred is my best friend. (Pisces)
Daddy Extraordinaire. 
Man of the house. 
Supervisor at a great company. 
Freelance photographer.

About Aiden
Aiden is 6. (Aquarius)
Big brother
1st Grader.
Super Hero Lover.
Has the biggest imagination.

About Kyle
Kyle is 4. (Cancer)
Little brother.
Candy Crazed.
The Charmer.

I created Mommy xo when I became a SAHM about two years ago. I didn't give it the love it deserved, but now I'm back. I am a wife, who is planning her vow renewal to take place in 5 years. I am a proud mommy of two beautiful boys. I enjoy cooking but not nearly as much as eating, and I have a few organizational tips here and there which I use when I feel like picking up behind my boys for the hundredth time for the day. I hope you leave here learning something new and hopefully making a new internet friend.

Mommy, xo. 

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