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Ackee and Saltfish

This morning I made ackee and saltfish for my family for like the hundredth time for breakfast and then I noticed that I never shared how I make it. I don't add too many things that will alter the "true" taste of the food. 

1 Can of ackee (if you get fresh ackee from a tree, clean it properly and boil it until soft) 
1 package of saltfish
1/2 of a tomato
1/2 of an onion
2 stalks of scallion
black pepper
(garlic powder is optional - a lot of people love it but I hate it) 
1/4 tsp vegetable oil
1 tbsp stick butter  

Soak your saltfish from over night and boil it once in the morning. If you're reading this right now and want to make it right now, wash off the excess salt and boil it twice. 
throw the water off and set aside to cool. 
Heat your pan and oil set your stove to 4 or medium
Add onions & scallions let them cook for about a minute (do not burn) 
Break up the saltfish into pieces with your fingers and add them to your pot
After a couple minutes of stirring, add your ackee
Stir and try not to crush the ackee out too much 
Add black pepper, stir some more, drop in your butter, turn your stove to 2 (low) and cover with lid until butter is completely melted

Serve right away with boiled dumplings, green bananas, plantains, white rice, fried dumplings, even bread! Enjoy. 
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