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Excessive Dry Skin!


Kyle, my youngest, was born the cutest, roundest, little 7lb baby boy ever! Only because Aiden was born 8lbs. :) He was tiny & pink and loved more than anything in that moment. After taking him home from the hospital and upon closer inspection we noticed that our perfect little bundle had small patches of dryness on his legs.

We asked his doctor on his first visit & were told that it was normal and would go away on its own. Well it didn't. At the next couple visits we were recommended Aquaphor. A greasy, Vaseline looking product which to me was only covering up Kyle's dryness and not really treating it. We were then recommended to use Aveeno. Now while this worked to some extent, it wasn't working well enough. Partly because while the moisturizer was great, we weren't using the right body wash. We were using the regular Aveeno Baby shampoo and body wash instead of the moisturizing version with cleanses without drying out the skin. We were finally getting somewhere. We went from moisturizing every couple hours to only twice a day. This eventually grew monotonous. 

One day my mum gave me three miniature bottles of Vitamin E oil! A light bulb instantly went off in my  head! Vitamin E is a natural moisturizer that can be used in the hair, on the skin, for your nails & even consumed! 

That night, after bath time, I made a mixture of Kyle's Aveeno lotion & a few drops of the Vitamin E oil in the palm of my hands and began to lather him with it. I could instantly see the difference. After an entire week of using the oil mixture his skin was baby soft. I started using it on Aiden as well, for all the little scars he had from playing & falling during his 5 year life span, and it cleared those right up! 

A lot of the times we buy all these over priced items assuming it will work because of its price tag, but really, all we need sometimes, is our mothers help.

Aiden 2.5 yrs old - Kyle 1.5 days old

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