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Jamaican Curry Goat

Curry goat is the one thing that Jamaicans HAVE to have at every major event or gathering. It is possible, that something might be inherently wrong with you, if you don't like curry goat. We're having company over for dinner tonight and curry goat is the one thing that is easy enough yet "special" enough to serve to our guests.
I like to cook 1 pound per adult so I have a little over 5 pounds of meat. 1 pound will be enough for you tonight plus leftovers for lunch or dinner tomorrow. Unlike curry chicken that you can have with literally anything, curry goat, in my opinion, is best had with white rice, and white rice alone. Also, goat takes two times longer than chicken to cook, so patience is needed throughout this process. ... I kept my stove on med-high the entire time.


Your goat meat... You'll have to go to your local butcher or meat store for this. 
Black Pepper
Pimento Seeds
*Bell Pepper
**Scotch Bonnet Pepper
Vegetable Oil


  1. Wash your meat with vinegar. If you've seen my "How I Clean My Chicken" video, it's very similar to that.  I like to throw everything in the sink after and then put them  back in the bowl I just washed them to ensure that all the water is out of the bowl and off the meat. 
  2. Begin adding your seasoning. I like to start with curry powder and then everything after.
    I don't measure anything, you just have to look at the amount of meat you have and know how much of what seasoning you want to add to bring out the flavor. Adding too much of one thing will alter the taste. A reason why I don't add things like garlic powder. **If you're eating without kids and love spice, chop up half of a scotch bonnet pepper and add it to the meat. *You can also add your bell peppers here if you want to. 
  3. With gloves on, so you don't stain your nails, rub the seasoning into the meat. Let it sit for at least an hour. 
  4. Add a bit of oil to the bottom of your hot dutch pot, just enough so that the meat doesn't stick to the pan, and slowly add your meat. 
  5. Stir as the meat begins to tighten. When you see juices coming from the meat, fill the bowl you were using earlier to season the meat, with water, and slowly add it to the pot. 
  6. Check on your pot every half an hour to ensure that the water isn't dried out. And if it is, just add more. 
  7. **After about an hour and a half, add an UNCUT scotch bonnet pepper to the pot, this will give it the kick that goat should have without being too spicy, if you din't cut it up in there already. This is also when you'd add your potatoes, carrots, spinners *and bell peppers. Spinners are tiny boiled dumplings. This will help to thicken the gravy. 
  8. Serve with white rice. (or whatever your heart desires)

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