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Daily Musings Of My Life - Tax USA Family Fun Day!

This past Saturday we took the boys to a family fun-day sponsored by Tax USA, Home Depot, Waste Management and a few other well known names. We got to the event a little bit before three. I was supposed to be a volunteer but they had an overwhelming amount of supporters that they didn't have a job for me! I didn't mind though and focused instead on the boys having fun.

The event was held at Pompey Park in Delray Beach. The entire park was filled with families, volunteers, sponsors, vendors, even a robot! The music filled the air and the boys (well Kyle any way)
couldn't stop dancing.

We stopped by the Tax USA booth first, and the boys were gifted backpacks filled with school supplies!

We then said hi to the robot (Aiden went crazy)
and then checked out the basketball tournament and took a glimpse of the senior Zumba class (I promise you I'll be that one old lady taking Zumba in electric blue hot pants).

We made our way over to the food vendors and grabbed something to eat. We sat down in the baseball dugout because it was the only sheltered area we could find. That sun was no joke! After we ate I was introduced to a few of the people behind TAX USA including the owner!

It was about to start raining so we decided to get the boys home before it did. But instead we ran into a friend and her clan of kids and nieces who had just arrived. The boys laughed it up with her kids while we chatted under the Tax USA tent. We would've stayed longer to see the talent show that was about to take place but the rain was coming out of nowhere.

The boys had an amazing time! They passed out as soon as we got home. They were dying to see what was in their backpacks though as soon as they woke up.

Below are a few pictures from the event taken by Sonet18Co Photographer Phillip Burrell.

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  1. Thank you very much for attending , it was a pleasure meeting you and your beautiful family. Hopefully we'll have a better chance with the rain next year!!

    1. It was awesome meeting you as well. We're looking forward to next year's event!


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