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Organizing Tips From A Single Wife

If you fail to plan,
you are planning to fail.
-Benjamin Franklin

For everything in my life I need some type of schedule, or mock up, or to-do list. I find that I get things done faster and my family doesn't starve. I write everything down from menus for the week, to shopping lists, to cleaning and home school schedules. 

The first tip I'm going to give you is an app. Its called AnyList. This app allows you to create many different shopping lists and makes your shopping experience that much easier. You wont "forget to pick something up" or end up with the three of the same thing every other week. 

My 2nd tip is another app. This app is called Spending Tracker. This app tracks the amount of CASH you have and spend at any given time. You will of course have to log in your purchases each time but its a great way to manage your money outside of a bank. 

My 3rd Tip is to print a meal plan. If you do a quick google search you will find  plethora of these. You just have to choose which works best for you and your household. My planner has columns for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Print out one planner, frame it in any cheap picture frame that the planner will fit in and hang it in you kitchen. Now instead of writing on the paper and having to print a new one every week, use dry erase markers and write on the glass of the picture frame. Genius right?

My 4th tip is to either print a daily schedule/planner, buy a cute little planner book or download the AnyDo App on your smartphone and fill in the chores that you'll do on a daily basis as well as anything else it is that you do throughout the day everyday that you need to get done. 

With these four super simple tips, your day will go buy SO much faster. If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comment section. 

Mommy xo.
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