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Stay Tight - Single Wife Style

Being a SAHM its easy to slip into the habit of eating poorly and your only form of exercise being house work. Now while you can get a good sweat in cleaning up after your family, your poor diet choices can and will catch up to you. And just as easy as it is to make bad choices, its just as easy to make good choices.

Lets start with the diet.
I love snacking on my kids junk food while they're eating so what I've found that works for me is having my lunch or snack ready at the same time they're eating so I won't feel the need to dip into theirs. Another thing, if you're a tea drinker, sipping on unsweetened green tea will help to curb hunger and burn fat at the same time. A grapefruit in the morning with some black coffee and egg whites is a very filling breakfast. Use zero calorie sugar if you're having a hard time dropping sugar cold turkey. Fred and I have been having fish every night for dinner and having a "cheat meal" or two on the weekends. He's been a little bit stricter than I am cutting out carbs for the majority of the week and opting for a side salad instead. As far as snacking goes, whole wheat crackers are actually yummier than they sound and salmon is the easiest and quickest thing to throw on the grill. I'll try to post my salmon & asparagus recipe before the year ends!

Now on to exercise. If you're anything like me, you can find every excuse in the book to not workout. So what I've started doing were some super simple moves, 20 reps each.
1. Squats x 20
2. Standing Leg Lifts x 20 (on each side)
3. Bridge with Leg Raise x 20 (each leg)
4. Walking Lunges all through out the house
5. Tricep Dips x 20
As the days go by, you'll want to add more to your routine and do feel free to do so. Become the hot mom, be the mom who plays with her kids at the park, be the mom who wears a bikini on the beach (stretch marks and all) *raises hand*!

Track what you eat as well as your steps with the apps that I mentioned in the post immediately before this.
Whatever it is that you want to do, you can do, just do it.

Mommy xo.
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