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Wedding Wednesday - Pre-Ceremony Cocktails

I was going to jump into receptions but I think we should continue with ceremonies.
I've always wanted the vibe at my wedding to be fun, filled with good people and lots of drinking! The decision to have a pre-ceremony cocktail was solidified for me after attending a wedding this past weekend where the ceremony started an hour late. I thought to myself, "what if this happened on my day?" I want to have my guests sipping on something refreshing while they wait for me to make my grand entrance. I figure I have three options here.

or you could go all out and have a pre-ceremony cocktail hour

  1. Sparkling Cider
  2. Champagne
  3. Signature Drink
Either one would be perfect depending on your ceremony style. If you're having a traditional (religious) ceremony though, I wouldn't recommend it and it probably wont happen. 

You can customize your drink color to go with your wedding colors. If your venue allows it and your guests are big drinkers I'd recommend a signature drink. 

If you're having a non-traditional wedding (like we are) champagne (if your guests are drinkers) or sparkling cider (if you don't want them to go home too toasted) are perfect. Again, you can garnish with berries or a sugared rim to compliment your wedding colors.

**If you did decide to go with a pre-ceremony cocktail hour, make sure you're offering water and both an alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink.

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