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Wedding Wednesday - Creating The Perfect Registry

Building your wedding registry can start out fun but end up frustrating and overwhelming! You want to add everything while at the same time not come off like a snob. Think about the items you NEED, items that are broken or out-dated in your home. Items that you dream of owning.

Know though that not everyone will buy a gift. Not everyone will stick to the registry. Some guests will give you cash and others will think their presence is enough.  And while you may think that having multiple registries help your guests, It can come off as snobbish and overwhelming to your guests. Find one place that you love, and select a wide range of items, varying in price and two times the amount of guests you will have. 

Two personal faves of mine are Macy's &
What I love with Macy's is that they give you a checklist to help you select the most popular registry items. 
Zola is trendier & carries a lot of your favorite major brands as well as give you the option to accept cash towards say your honeymoon or the down payment of a house. 
There are also other sites to consider depending on your Taste, like Target, Crate & Barrel and Bed, Bath & Beyond. But like I said, try to stick to one. Test out your favorite sites and then go with the one that has all your favorite options. Do not stress yourself out too much, this is supposed to be fun! 
And remember, do not include your registry details in your invitations. Instead, create a wedding website with a link to your registry as well as other pertinent information about your wedding, like ceremony & reception locations, directions, dress code, RSVP reminders, information about yourself and your fiancé, and all that awesome jazz. 
(We'll go into more detail on websites next week)

Have you started building your registry?
Mommy xo
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