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Wedding Wednesday - Engagement Photos

Now what?
This is the question a lot of newly engaged couples ask themselves. For me it was to take engagement pictures. We took our pictures three months after announcing our engagement which I think is about the perfect time especially if you're planning on getting married within a year. These photos are perfect for save the dates & wedding announcements in your local paper. 

I know I wanted to look glamorous but I wanted it to be at a park. A mix of luxury and country in a sense. And funny enough, after many many days of scrolling through wedding themes and colors online and on Instagram, I've decided that my wedding theme will be "Black Tie Bohemian". I love the thought of everyone dressed up in gorgeous gowns and tuxedos while celebrating outdoors, surrounded by nature.

Something else that I decided on were wedding colors. Black, White, Nude, Blush & Gold. Which all sounds like a lot but all those are neutrals and go so perfectly together. Also, Black, white & nude is what we're wearing in these photos here. These colors were not even in my mind to be my wedding colors when we did this shoot.

When doing your shoot, focus on being happy & in the moment. Your photographer will probably ask you to kiss less or lower an arm but he should be able to work around what the two of you are doing while shooting. Try to enjoy every moment of it. Worry less about posing, all our posed pics looked too fake and didn't make the cut for us. Everything you see here is just us in our element, enjoying each other.

Try to enjoy the wedding planning process. Take on each assignment one at a time and ask for help if you need it.

Do you have engagement photos that you want to share?
Send me an email, I would love to feature you.
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